Alliance Design offers multiple arrays of services ranging from consultation and minor room adjustments to major renovations and new constructions.

Basic services include:

  • Space planning
  • Developing color schemes
  • Coordination of materials and finishes
  • Accessorizing

More complex services:

Project management which consist of several phases:

Phase 1: Project Analysis
  • Preliminary consultation
  • Data accumulation:
    • project definition
    • initial cost estimate
    • time frame estimate

Phase 2: Programming

  • Define data, constraints, requests and needs
Phase 3: Conception
  • Preliminary plans, elevations, sketches
  • Coordination of materials and finishes
  • Developing color schemes
  • Lighting and electrical plans, plans and elevations of custom made furniture
  • Execution plans
  • Specifications
Phase 4: Bid documents
  • Bidding or negotiation for client
  • Assistance with locating contractors and subcontractors
  • Selection of direct purchasing coordinated with client
Phase 5: Construction and supervision
  • Project management
  • Supervision
  • Inspection of the construction site and evaluation

Alliance Design